Lovelei Bride - Mary

What is your name? 
Mary Porter-Chorley

Wedding date and location?
23.08.2019 Birmingham Register Office followed by a wedding gathering at our home
How did he propose?  
Autumn sunset at Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens in Tokyo, Japan

What was your goal for your wedding / what was the most important aspect to you? 
Our goal is to celebrate our big day with our immediate family and friends. It was important for us to enjoy every moment as well as celebrate our big day in our home.
How did you choose Lovelei for your wedding robes?

I wanted a robe for the bride squad that they are able to use after the big day and of great quality and when I saw the little lovebird on Instagram... I was really impressed with all the reviews. I really can’t thank you enough for saving my pre wedding preparations as they were so accommodating with my orders. 
Which robes do you choose?
I chose the Bonnie White Robe for myself, my Bridesmaids wore Bonnie Dusky Pink and the remaining Bridal party wore Olivia Claret.

What did you like the most about your ‘Lovelei’ robe? 
I love the quality and comfort of the robes plus my robe makes me feel like a woman, bringing out my body confidence. 

Were there funny moments from the day? 
I had a wardrobe malfunction!! A part of my bra started showing when I sat down during the ceremony. My dad nerves got the better of him during his speech he forgot people’s names (even though he knew them!!). Adam and I stuttering during our speeches! 
What was your favourite moment while getting ready in your ‘Lovelei’ garments? 
When the bride squad and I were trying to take photos in our robes whilst my iPhone was on a timer. It caught the funny moments on the type of poses we wanted to do!
Photography: Meg Quick Photography 
Florist: Shirley Ann
Hair: self
Makeup: self 
Venue: Birmingham Register Office and our home 
Dress: Wed2B
Head Piece: Shirley Ann

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