Take care of one another through this difficult time

Each day that passes we are hearing that there is a real prospect that we may have to go into isolation, to remove ourselves from the world we know and change our lifestyle for a period of time and for many (especially if your like me you suffer from anxiety) this is a little daunting.
So how will you get a good balance of making the most of your time at home whilst making sure you do not go mad?

At Lovelei a positive attitude is everything to us, it helps to stay focused and motivated too. Spend this time at home to recharge, have some me time and create some family memories,.

Do things that you have always said you don’t have time to do:

• Read that book you have always wanted to, keeping your mind active
• Do the much needed wardrobe clean out, (I so need to do this)
• Start cooking – so much fun can be had in the kitchen , we take it in turns twice a month to create a 'date night' at home. We cook a three course meal, put on our favourite music, and spend sometime together over a bottle of wine
• Plan your next holiday – why not look at your next adventure when travelling resumes.
• Bring out your favourite family board games, or camp out in the living room with makeshift tents and watch your favourite family film
(I did this this weekend and my children loved it!) 
• Start a blog, write in your journal, finish that mood board
(dont forget to Pin some of our images too).
• Get active and stay health with a workout video.

And being at home doesn’t mean needing to be confined in four walls. Go outside and be in your garden, do a little weeding, or plant your own vegetables, it is still important to get fresh air and sunshine during this time. (And don’t worry about being seen in your cosy Lovelei PJ’s)

As we are being ask to implement social distancing, and self-monitoring, there is a real issue of loneliness. Whilst we may not be able to hug one another we can still let each other know that we care. Pick up the phone or FaceTime your loved ones each day.
Send a text to your work colleagues who are also at home to wish them a great working day ahead. Write a beautiful note and pop it into your elderly neighbours letter box to let them know someone is thinking of them and maybe include your phone number in case they want someone to talk to.
Send a little gift to let someone special to let them know you are thinking of them, we have some great products in our sale at the moment or why not send one of our Lovelei gift boxes, choose a set of pyjamas, bath bomb and candle to create a Lovelei home relaxation gift set 


Now if your time also includes working from home it’s important to have a routine. Keep to your normal sleep pattern (of course in your favourite Lovelei PJ’s! ). Go to bed and wake up at your usual time, you will find you are more productive. It Is also important to maintain your regular working hours, having clear guidelines for when to work and when finish for the day will help you to create and maintain work-life balance. Take regular breaks, getting fresh air in your garden.

The key message is to get plenty of rest, sleep, fresh air and exercise. Keep yourself healthy and fit and practicing good self-care.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your amazing messages of love and support.
As a small business, especially in times like these, it means the world to us to hear these.
As we are online only and have a small team that operate our daily operations at this stage allow us to continue with our business. (besides a lot of hand washing, no high fives, and rationing the toilet paper, we are working hard to process and pack orders)
We are thinking of our brides and grooms as you go into a time of uncertanity and hope we will keep spirits high with our social media
We are thinking of our fellow wedding and event businesses who are also trying to catch their breath through this difficult time. 
But most importantly we are thinking of those who have contracted this virus, our elderly community and those who's health / immune system is compromised
Stay safe and care for one another. Be Kind!
Love from Team Lovelei x